Reprogramming the City workshops are an opportunity to have professionals and private citizens come together to brainstorm and generate new ideas and resourceful solutions for how the city can do more with the assets it already has.

Led by Reprogramming the City creator Scott Burnham, workshops are always city-specific in focus, finding ways to meet the particular needs of the city or region with the opportunity contained in the city’s existing infrastructure, objects, surfaces and systems.

From reimagining and redesigning the functionality of individual objects in the city (image above), to rethinking entire areas of the city (video below), Reprogramming the City transforms urban landscapes into platforms of possibility.

VIDEO: A Summary of Burnham’s engagement at the Norwegian Centre for Architecture and Design in Oslo to apply Reprogramming the City principles of resourceful reuse and rethinking to the Hovinbyen area of Oslo.

Burnham has led dozens of workshops in numerous cities around the world. Reprogramming the City workshops are credited with bringing new ideas and forms for public engagement to regeneration and redevelopment projects, professional and municipals associations, and as catalysts for new thinking at design festivals, biennials and institutions.

To have a Reprogramming the City workshop become a catalyst for new opportunity and ideas in your city or region, please get in contact.