During its run at the Swedish Centre for Design and Architecture in Stockholm Reprogramming the City averaged 2,500 visitors per week.

In Boston, it was viewed by 14,000 people and was the most popular exhibition ever to be held at the Boston Society of Architects’ gallery.

I cannot remember an exhibition that has drawn more comment and interest than this one.” – Executive Director, Virginia Center for Architecture.

Now you can bring Reprogramming the City to your city.

A touring version of Reprogramming the City is available for institutions and venues that may not have the time or budget to commission a city-specific tailored version of the exhibition. The touring version contains the core projects of the exhibition – universally understood and applicable repurposing and reuse solutions for some of the most pressing problems facing every city. Contact us to learn more.

Whether financial, spatial, or material, cities are faced with limited resources and options to meet the increasing needs of its citizens. The “new normal” for cities going forward is finding ways to do more with the assets at hand. The need for creativity within constraints has never been greater.

“To unlock the full potential of our cities, we need to reimagine the capabilities of its components. Innovative solutions to pressing urban problems are achievable by designing with the city, not only for it. Reprogramming the City is a catalyst to explore the potential that exists in cities and encourage people to look at the existing structures, surfaces and systems of the city and ask “What else could they do? What if the city was more resourceful with the things it already has?”
– Scott Burnham