A mixture of tactical urbanism and innovative resourcefulness, the Reprogramming the City book is a global overview of 44 urban repurposing projects from 17 countries.

Anyone reading Scott Burnham’s essential book will emerge reassured by the transformative power of creativity in the world’s urban centers that is still within our grasp.” – Renée Loth, AchitectureBoston

Reprogramming the City is a 214-page collection of the most innovative ways existing urban infrastructure and other elements are being reused and repurposed for new use in cities around the world.

“This book shows the incredible transformation of what was once seen as basic urban infrastructure into social spaces and community assets.” – Isabel Zempel, Sasaki, ASLA

From billboards in Lima, Peru, that now generate fresh drinking water to bus stops in northern Sweden transformed to boost the mental health of commuters during dark winter months, Reprogramming the City reveals the untapped potential of repurposing urban objects for new use to improve life for urban residents.

Using elements of tactical urbanism and innovative human resourcefulness, Reprogramming the City shows that the existing urban landscape is not the end of a creative process, but the beginning of a new one.

“This book teaches us the possibilities of re-connecting the cities and the citizens through innovative solutions instigated by the people who best know the needs.”​ – Dr. Atsushi Deguchi​, University of Tokyo​

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