Reuse Guide and Toolkit for Repurposing

The toolkit is a self-guided, concise 40-page reuse guide that empowers you to reshape your community, city, or personal space by using limited resources in creative ways.

Packed with insights and exercises from a decade of global research and practice, Scott Burnham‘s reuse guide provides people with the tools to address a pressing problem: limited resources. 

Whether financial, spatial, or material, the content we have to work with is finite. Yet the context of that content – how we use the assets we already have – is how we can respond to increasing urban needs using limited resources.

The print version of the reuse guide is available here.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: A PDF version is for sale here, as well as a combo pack of the Reprogramming the City book and toolkit.

A selection of pages from the 40-page reuse guide:

It has been, and continues to be, a tremendous privilege to work with groups of people from numerous cities to do more with the structures, surfaces and systems in their city. I realized though that a reuse guide can reach far more people than I am able to. In short: it is time to open up the opportunities that urban resourcefulness can create.

This toolkit is meant to serve as a companion to the Reprogramming the City book. The book is a global overview of how the urban landscape’s untapped potential is being utilized to improve life in cities using what already exists in new ways.