Reprogramming the City of Culture in Timisoara, Romania

A workshop series and newly created version of Reprogramming the City recently launched in Timisoara, Romania to motivate a discussion on repurposing urban objects in Eastern European cities as part of the city’s lead-up to being the European Capital of Culture in 2021.

The Timisoara version of Reprogramming the City was designed to get the city to think in new ways as it prepares for its role as City of Culture. The goal is to show visitors that exceptional repurposing is not something being done “somewhere else”, and to build momentum for more reuse projects to improve life in the area’s cities by using existing assets in new ways.

The workshop (header image above) focused on repurposing and rejuvenating five underutilized areas of the city to build social cohesion and animate the daily experience of residents in new ways. The exhibition highlighted urban repurposing projects from around the world that resonated with Timisoara’s needs, opportunities, and context.

Opening night at Reprogramming the City Timisoara.
Enjoying a warm night outside the exhibition.

Reprogramming the City Timisoara is the latest in the initiative’s journey around the world to encourage cities to be more resourceful by using the assets they already have in new ways. If you’d like to talk about a version of Reprogramming the City being tailored for your city’s needs and opportunities, get in touch.