City Trash Collection System + Freecycling = Goedzak


City: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Created by: Waarmakers

Post Update: Goedzak is featured in the Reprogramming the City Book, on sale now!

A key component of re-imagining the potential of the city’s infrastructure is to embrace a wider embrace of urban infrastructure. The systems and services of a city are as much a resource for expanded use and functionality as is its objects, surfaces and structures. Even two desperate systems such as trash and electrics can serve as platforms for thinking differently about the capabilities of the existing city.

As the saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. In Amsterdam, design firm Waarmakers have devised a system to allow this altering relationship with possessions to play out on trash day.

Meaning both “good bag” and “do-gooder” in Dutch, Goedzak is a bag for Amsterdam residents to use when packaging their trash for pickup, to be used for items that are still useable for others, and just in need of a new home. Taping into the existing behaviors and systems of the city’s residents, Goedzak is, says Waarmakers, “a friendly way to offer products a second chance and stimulate sustainable behavior.”


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