Reprogramming the City at Danish Archiecture Centre

There’s more potential in Copenhagen’s landscape than just its bicycling infrastructure.

Reprogramming the City’s first of many ventures in Scandinavia began at the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen in 2014. The exhibition opened with a quote from Reprogramming the City founder Scott Burnham:

“This exhibition is an illustration of my belief that the city holds a vast amount of untapped ability. The structures, surfaces, objects and systems that underpin its daily operations have the potential to do more, to perform an alternate function, or assume an entirely new role in the mechanism of the city.

The projects highlighted in Reprogramming the City go beyond being just aesthetic improvements for the city – they represent a new innovative and resourceful approach, transforming the existing physical assets of the city into vehicles to benefit public health, movement, communication, social cohesion and environmental concerns.

The notion of reprogramming our relationship with the city, and the role design in the city, has always been at the center of the urban design projects I’ve created and directed over the years. A couple years ago I began a wide-ranging research project exploring how a new spirit of resourcefulness was emerging in cities everywhere.”

Scott Burnham
Scott Burnham discussing Reprogramming the City concepts and projects with members of Danish Parliament in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen marked the premiere of a bold idea to safeguard future urban food supplies. BuzzBuilding, by Belathew Labs, aims to make Stockholm self-sufficient in protein by transforming the city’s traffic roundabouts into a series of insect farms and bee sanctuaries under their InsectCity project which embraces a number of infrastructural elements of the city as potential food production areas:

Insect Food Production on a roundabout Buzzbuilding

You can read more about Reprogramming the City at DAC on their website here.

Reprogramming the City by Scott Burnham at Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen
Reprogramming the City by Scott Burnham at Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen