Reprogramming the City exhibitions are catalysts for a resourceful, resilient relationship with the existing urban landscape by showing how we can do more with the assets already in place. Exhibitions have been commissioned by some of the world’s leading architecture and design centers, resulting in a vast body of global work and research on urban reuse, repurposing, and resourcefulness.

Two versions of the Reprogramming the City are available:

  1. A set touring version featuring the most innovative and inspiring examples of urban reuse and repurposing to meet the full range of an urban population’s needs.
  2. A custom-curated version focusing on a designated city, area, or geographic region, showing how local needs and existing assets can be combined to improve life in the city and its ecological balance.

Both versions of Reprogramming the City are created with a program of workshops and talks to engage the public and professionals in discovering and utilizing the untapped potential of available infrastructure, objects, surfaces, and systems.

To learn more or to enquire about a Reprogramming the City exhibition in your city or institution, contact Scott Burnham here.

For insight into one iteration of Reprogramming the City, the video below from its run at the Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen, offers a good overview:

Previous Reprogramming the City Exhibitions

Below is a selection of Reprogramming the City exhibitions and engagements held in various cities and countries, inspiring people to think how the city’s existing structures, surfaces and systems can be repurposed and re-imagined to do more for the city and its people.

Timisoara, Romania

DOGA: Design and Architecture Norway | Oslo, Norway

Reprogramming the City Exhibition at ArkDes, Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design (ArkDes) | Stockholm, Sweden

Reprogramming the City at Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen

Danish Architecture Centre | Copenhagen, Denmark

Reprogramming the City by Scott Burnham, repurposing existing urban infrastructure, Virginia Center for Architecture

Virginia Center for Architecture | Richmond, Virginia

Curated by Scott Burnham Reprogramming the City at Boston Society of Architects BSA Space Gallery

Boston Society of Architects | Boston, MA