Call for Ideas and Projects for Stockholm



In June 2015, ArkDes, The Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, will launch Reprogramming the City: Stockholm.

As part of Reprogramming the City: Stockholm, ArkDes is issuing a call for ideas, proposals and existing projects that reveal the hidden potential of Sweden’s existing urban assets.

Do you have an idea or project that shows how an existing urban object, structure, surface or system could be reused or repurposed to do more in the daily life of the city? How could we be more resourceful with the things we already have in our cities?

This is the chance for Swedish architects, designers, engineers and artists to ask “What More…” could we do with what we already have in Sweden’s cities, and “What If…” a new resourceful approach was applied to the existing assets of Stockholm.

The deadline is 23 March 2015. For more information, you can download the PDF pictured above here, or contact Lotta Granqvist at ArkDes.

The call for ideas can be found on the ArkDes website here.

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