Reprogramming the City

5.00 out of 5
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  • Over 300 color photographs and illustrations
  • 214 pages featuring 44 projects from 17 countries
  • A new paradigm of urban creativity that designs with the city, not for it.

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Reprogramming the City is a 214-page full color collection of innovative and inspiring ways existing urban elements are being reimagined and repurposed for new use in cities around the world.

From billboards in Lima, Peru, repurposed to generate fresh drinking water to bus stops in northern Sweden transformed to boost the mental health of commuters during dark winter months, Reprogramming the City reveals the hidden abilities contained in existing city structures to improve life for urban residents.

Featuring over 40 examples of innovative and inspiring ways in which urban elements are being reimagined for new use, Reprogramming the City shows the potential of looking at everyday urban objects and asking, “What if they did more than their original purpose?”

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2 reviews for Reprogramming the City

  1. 5 out of 5

    Maria Xose

    An amazing collection of examples showing what a difference repurposing can make. I particularly like the layout showing the original urban object on the left, with its repurposed new life on the right. A very visual, easy read, that carries an incredibly important message.

  2. 5 out of 5

    F. Noyes

    Zillions of interesting ideas–not just academic constructs–from around the world. Clearly a lot would get stymied by costs, codes, or shear politics. But that’s not the point–the point is just what the title suggests–reprogramming the city–which requires thinking outside the box.

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