Adaptive Reuse, Repurposing, Tactical Urbanism

44 Adaptive Reuse Projects from 17 Countries

The Reprogramming the City book shows how people are repurposing urban objects in new ways and making cities more resourceful through adaptive reuse. 214 pages with over 300 color photos and illustrations.

Adaptive Reuse, Repurposing, Tactical Urbanism

A Toolkit to Unlock Potential in Your City

The Reprogramming the City Toolkit is a 40-page self-guided collection of insights, examples, and exercises to help people discover the untapped potential in their own city.

“A hopeful anthology of solutions for our hot, crowded planet. Anyone reading Scott Burnham’s essential book will emerge reassured by the transformative power of creativity in the world’s urban centers.” – Renée Loth, AchitectureBoston

“This book teaches us the possibilities of re-connecting the cities and the citizens through innovative solutions instigated by the people who best know the needs.”​ – Dr. Atsushi Deguchi​, University of Tokyo​

The toolkit provides people with the tools to address a pressing problem: the new reality facing cities is one of limited resources. Whether financial, spatial, or material, the content of cities is finite.

Yet the context of that content – how we use the assets we already have – is where the opportunity exists to respond to increasing urban needs using limited resources.