Grunerlokka Studenthus, Oslo

Grain Silo Repurposed as Student Housing

Grünerløkka Studenthus, a repurposed grain silo that became a 226-unit student housing complex in Oslo, Norway, was converted by adding circular floor units inside the silos and cutting windows into … Read more

Reprogramming the City by Scott Burnham

Reprogramming the City Book Now Available

The culmination of eight years of research, thousands of air miles, and numerous exhibitions and workshops, the Reprogramming the City book is now available. From billboards in Lima, Peru, repurposed to … Read more

Repurposing Bridges For Food and Energy

The design group Cloud Collective installed an algae growing system on an ordinary Geneva highway bridge, turning an uncelebrated part of the city’s grey infrastructure into a platform for future … Read more